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We have several different styles and ages of units and the premiums range from approximately $80,000 up to around $280,000 for a two bedroom unit. Affordable single bedroom rental units are also available. 


Each resident pays a fortnightly maintenance fee/or rent to cover the cost of the day to day running of the village, eg council rates, water rates, staff on site, maintenance of buildings, grounds and community areas, insurance on buildings etc. Residents pay for their own phone, power supply and Household Contents insurance.

Murray Lands is operated under the Retirement Villages Act of 1987. How does this help you?

  • A 90 day settling in period without losing any of your premium.

  • To know when your funds are available should you decide to leave the village.

  • Our Residence Agreements conform to the requirements of the Act.

  • Retention of the premium paid is based on 2.5% per year for a maximum of 10 years


We encourage you to complete an application form to nominate your interest in a particular style of unit. There is no obligation for you or the Village to proceed further unless by mutual agreement.

Although, Murray Lands Retirement Village is a not-for-profit community organisation, it does not receive any other funding except the funds we receive from our residents. This means we provide and pay for all our own infrastructure e.g. everything inside our boundary fence, roads, street lighting etc.


  • 1 or 2 bedroom unit

  • Functional kitchen

  • Wall oven or stand alone stove

  • Ceramic cook top

  • Pantry

  • Separate dining

  • Built-ins in bedrooms

  • Separate Bathroom/Laundry

  • Built-ins in laundry

  • Split system air conditioning

  • Smoke detector

  • 2 Bedrooms with Garages under main roof

  • RCD switches


  • Most rental units have the following restrictions

  • Interest to be Registered with SA Housing for Accommodation

  • Person who do not own property

  • Over 55 years of age

  • 1 bedroom unit

  • Garage separately located

  • Separate lounge to kitchen

  • Bedroom with built-ins


  • Individual rooms with en-suites

  • Separate lounge areas

  • Need to be eligible for Community Aged Care Services

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